Ten cars are available in Italy, all of them are red coloured with bands on the entire body side, so that to see them around is a bit difficult. The difference between EVO VI RS2 and the EVO VI Tommi Mäkinen RS2 versions are mainly on the style of the cockpit; seats and the match of colours are particulary refined, so is the colour of the instrumentations red on black field, but this is not all....

Brakes, for the first time are equipped with ABS in RS2 version. In this version there is a new sport muffler that reduce the exhaust pressure losses and noise.

Looking at the car, on the whole, a person will distinguish wheels (Enkei 17x7,5JJ, model WTE II light alloy) which will appear different from the former model, but it is not so! The dampers have been improved to use the car on tarmac, now the strut are inverted, the springs are shortened of 10 mm and the fuel tank reservoir cup is modified to maintain the draft under high-G cornering. Aerodynamics in the anterior bumper has been completely renewed so that the suction of the engine is easier (through the left side piping).

In the engine compartment a few items are changed: the turbo has been quickened with the optimized compressor wheel size and blade configuration (cold side). Now the maximum torque (over 38 Kg-m) is available from 2750 rpm. The heavy blow of the torque continues without diminishing from 2600 rpm to 5500 rpm (the torque diagram remains flat, it's a limitation of ECU). The max power is not of 280 HP but almost 300 HP (declared 280 HP for japanese law which does not permit more power): the Shell V-Power fuel will allow you to run over 300 HP. The maximum speed is 265 Km/h to rev limiter (7800 rpm) not bad for a rally car with a 5° short gear. Just to finish, the engine has a new system of oil cooling.

We find a oil sump made stronger with double plate. The engineering of Mitsubishi changed the rear differential that now is "active" (AYC Active Yaw Control) this helps to maintain the stability of the car even on bends held at high speed, giving a hand to the driver to control the oversteering or understeering without sacrificing the traction.

The body structure of EVO VI TME was reinforced in 14 strategic points to increase the stiffness of the car.

Available: 3399 cars with LHD and RHD.



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